How To Set House Rules For A New Dog

When it comes to training your dog with the house rules, there’s a lot more than commands like sit, stay, jump etc. No doubt, such commands are important to teach so you can control your dog when needed. But you also need to set some house rules for your dog so he should behave when not on command.

There’s nothing like right or wrong about house rules for dogs. Depending on you, these house rules could be whatever behaviour you want to allow to your dog. But make sure once you set a rule, you remain consistent and strict with it to avoid confusion for your dog.

Here are some common rules you may want your dog to learn.

  • Furniture Rules

You have a wide range of options regarding furniture rules. You may want to keep your dog completely off the furniture or your dog is completely free to access all your furniture.

There could be an intermediate option, letting your dog access some of the furniture items and staying away from some. You may allow your dog to consume the furniture when people are not using it. It could be that you allow your dog to access the furniture only when he’s asked to.

It is hard to decide on what to allow and what not to. A practical approach will be to consider the size of your dog and whether he’s a drooler or a heavy shedder. The rest depends completely on how you want to have fun with your dog.

Training the dog to completely stay off the furniture or have free access to any piece are the easiest. With dedication and consistency, you can train your dog within a few days. The rest demands you to dedicate a lot of time to your dog’s training.

  • A dog-free zone maybe?

Whether you allow your dog to wander around the whole house or you want him to stay away from certain areas like your kitchen, the baby room, the formal dining area etc. The decision is again completely up to you.

It is easier to train your dog with new boundaries rather training him to stay off from the areas he used to wander around. Therefore, these decisions should be made before you bring your doggy friend home.

  • Can he jump on people?

While some people enjoy it, mostly don’t. You should make a wise decision whether or not to allow your dog to jump on people.  Most pet owners with small dogs don’t bother about it, but whether big or small, your dog can scare off people specially children. Train your dog to alternate behaviours when he needs attention or when he wants to greet people such as sitting. Some pet owners having big dogs enjoy hugging them, we suggest you to train your dog otherwise or restrict the behaviour to you only.

  • Crossing the doors and gates

You need to teach your dog not to cross through the open doors and gates. It is crucial for your dog’s safety and a mandatory house rule that every dog owner must follow. Train your dog that he can’t cross the doors or gates unless given a command like ‘free’ or ‘okay’. The rule applies every time a door is opened.

These were some really important house rules that every dog owner needs to set. Make sure you discuss all these rules with your family members so the training can be consistent and dedicated.