How to Find a Vet When Travelling With Your Dog

If you need to take along your dog on a journey, it is thoughtful to visit your vet and undergo all necessary procedures like blood tests, vaccines, planting an identification microchip, health certificates for destination territories etc.

Chances are that your dog may still get some serious illness or injury on the journey. How you find a vet when travelling depends on how quickly you need one. Here are a few cases.

  • Routine Pet Care

Vaccinations, annual examinations and other regular scheduled visits to the vet are considered as routine care. We recommend you to seek your regular vet and schedule the appointments accordingly for such check-ups.

In case you switch places frequently, ask for the reviews and recommendations from the pet owners of the area. You can also check the reviews online and then schedule an appointment.

The routine care sometimes reveals some serious illness that requires immediate attention. Depending on your case, seek help from your regular vet or the vet you find in the new area.

  • Immediate Pet Care

Those visits to the vet where your dog’s illness is not life threatening but it must be addressed within 24 hours time. We classify them as immediate/urgent care.

For example, an ulcer developing on your dog’s cornea or the urinary tract infection following a series of X-Rays.

In such cases, we suggest you to ask advice from your home vet. Call her and ask if she knows anyone in the area.

If your vet doesn’t know anyone in the area, seek help from friends, family or nearby management, it could be the hotel management you are staying in or some local office in the area.

Keeping the suggestions, check for the nearby vets online and decide by reading their reviews.


  • Emergency Pet Care

The life threatening scenarios are the emergency cases for obvious reasons.

It is recommended that you locate the nearby vet whenever you stop by a new place. Note down the address in case you need to seek him.

We also suggest you to keep an emergency bag ready while travelling with your dog. Keep the following in your bag:

    • Your dog’s past records scanned in a USB drive
    • Names and dosages of your dog’s regular medicines
    • Your regular vet’s contact information
    • A snack for your dog in case you can’t find anything nearby


  • Vet Specialist

Once in a while you need to seek a specialist’s advice on certain matters related to your dog. For example, a vet neurologist, a vet ophthalmologist etc.

Again, you may ask your vet for a specialist or find one online. The specialists will ask for some referrals. You can have it from your regular vet easily.

If you are a regular traveller, we recommend you to keep the records updated in a USB drive and ask for your dog’s complete file from every vet you visit. Also keep your vet’s notes with you. It will help the new vet to treat the case with ease.