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7 Ways To Save Big Money On Pet Supplies

Even the canniest pet owners have to spend some money to keep their pets safe and healthy. Forget the toys and accessories, the basic pet supplies cost enough. But you don’t to worry anymore. We have some easy tips to save your money. Have a read.

  1. Adopt a pet

Instead of buying a new pet from pet store, we suggest you to adopt one from an animal shelter home. It will not only save your money but also offer a homeless dog, a shelter.


Adoption may still cost you some money but its okay as most of the dogs in shelter homes are vaccinated, spayed and neutered thus saving an upcoming expense.


  1. Shop pet food and supply in bulks

It is an economical practice to buy food and other supplies in bulks.


Stocking up things at home whenever you find them at a good price will save your money in long run. It will also save your time.


All you need to do is a little research and benefit from the coupons, deals and sales around you.


  1. Make your purchases online

Go for online shopping when you need to buy a toy, food or any other supply for your pet. Online stores offer various discount options throughout the year. You can save a lot as compared to the physical pet stores.


Sometimes, you may also get free shipping.


  1. Go generic on pet meds

When it comes to pet meds, save money by buying generic medications. Also buy pet meds from local retailers. Named-brand products that your vet sells cost you more.


Local retailers have all the pet meds and that too, on a lower price.


Buy generic meds like flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention etc. But make sure to ask your vet for a written prescription. Compare the prices of prescribed meds both online and locally.


  1. Benefit from free vet care

Vets carry short term promotions throughout the year. You can save your money on routine vet care by taking advantage of these promotions.


For example, take advantage of the annual free pet dental camps every February or look for mobile clinics for rabies etc.


  1. Make your own pet toys

Your pet doesn’t need expensive toys. Save money by making your own toys. As long as they are safe for your pet, they are good to go.


Just find out the kind of toys your pet loves and then go for it. A large squeaky tennis ball may do well with your dog. You may also grab the opportunity to be creative and make something good for your pet.


  1. Do it yourself

When it comes to train your dog, you can save money by doing it all yourself.


Train your pets by searching books and online platform for solutions to your pet’s problems. You can also find some good DVD’s in the market in that regard. But be specific to look for suggestions from reliable sources.


You can also groom your dog yourself. Buy a nail clipper and get rid of your pet’s fast growing nails all by yourself. You can also learn to clean your pet’s ears or give him a haircut. Save on these services by learning to do it yourself.

You can easily afford a pet by following these quick and easy tips. To all the pet owners out there, if you have any cost cutting tip, let us know. We’ll love to hear from you.



7 Ways To Keep Your Dog Organized

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep all of your dog’s things organized simply because you don’t have time for it. It becomes overwhelming after a while as you keep bringing more things for your dog every time you find something cute in the local pet store.

If you don’t pay attention to all the clutter, it can overrun your house and make life difficult for you. You can do many clever things to organize everything nicely. For example, you can create hidden storage to put away your dog’s toys. Similarly, you can use spice racks to keep dog’s medicines safe. All it costs is a weekend. Ask everyone in the house to help with it.

  1. Purchase a dog bed intelligently

When you’re out in the market to purchase the basic dog items such as dog bed, be sure to look for items with some bonus storage space. You will find dog beds with a lot of bonus storage. Some have drawers underneath while others have drawers under the bed-stairs. The beds with elevated bowls often have space under. These small drawers can be extremely handy.

  1. Mount new shelves in the kitchen for your dog’s items

Your kitchen is a great place for storage. You can easily mount spice ranks on one of the walls and use it for storing dog’s medicines or other stuff. Similarly, you can build new shelves under the cabinet doors and keep all dog food and supplements there.

  1. Use your doors

You can easily use over-the-door hooks or install a shelf unit on the door to make some more space for your dog’s things. Make sure you go for the shelf unit that has pockets so that it can hold different items.

  1. Turn your furniture into storage space

If you’ve a lot of stuff lying around that belongs to your dog, you may consider turning your furniture such as sofas and tables into storage areas. It won’t cost much to add some storage space under the furniture. Just find a good carpenter in your neighborhood.

  1. Focus on the location of storage

Storage alone isn’t going to solve the problem. Your house might be overrun with your dog’s things even when you’ve created storage in the kitchen and under your large sofas. The reason could be location of the storage space. Look to create storage near the areas where your dog spends most time. You will find it more convenient and do-able to organize the toys and other stuff when your dog is done playing once the storage space is somewhere closer.

  1. Learn about your dog

Keeping your dog organized could be real simple once you know your dog personally. Be friends with him. Learn about his favorite play time activities and figure out the areas where he spreads the most clutter. Learn how your dog acts to different toys. Once you have gained all that knowledge about your dog, organizing his things would be easy.

  1. Get rid of some toys, every now and then

You don’t want to keep all the toys you ever bought for your dog. You want to keep only the toys that help your dog have a better time. Figure out which toys he loves the most and discard the rest. If you don’t do this every now and then, you’d end up having so many dog things around that it would be impossible to keep them organized.