7 Ways To Keep Fleas And Ticks Off Your Dog

It’s no secret that the spring and summer months are difficult for dogs, especially when fleas and ticks have setup their camps in your dog’s fur. It won’t be fun removing these ticks as they are difficult to dislodge once they have started feeding on your pet’s blood.

Fleas and ticks aren’t just uncomforting for your pet but if left unattended for long, they can cause some serious health issues. So what’s the way out? What can you do to get rid of these buggers? Here are some ideas that might help you to put your dog back to happy mode for the summer.

  1. Over the counter spot-on and oral medications

Spot-on over the counter treatments is one of the most effective ways to get rid of fleas. You can purchase these medications from your vet or from a pet store in your local market. You can also purchase these medications online.

These medications are good for your pet when it has fleas. Once your dog uses these medications, you and your pet can forget about fleas for a month.

Before you use such medications, be sure to get some advice from a qualified vet on which one to use. Reading labels on these medications can help a great deal.

The only concern about these spot-on medications is that your pet should stay away from children and cats for a while after you have applied the medication. If it’s a problem for you, consider using oral medications.

  1. Medicated shampoo

A medicated shampoo is a good way to kill ticks that have hidden inside your dog’s fur. Such shampoos aren’t expensive but you will need to apply them at least once every week to keep the ticks and fleas away.

  1. Tick and flea collars

These collars are a wonderful invention. They keep the ticks away and protect your dog from other similar parasites. However, the only limitation with these collars is that they are only good for neck and head area. Fleas would still be able to hide in dog’s tail, legs and spine. Some dogs can be allergic to these collars so be sure you examine your pet closely after putting on the collar for the first time.

  1. Combing your dog’s fur

Although this might take some time and require attention, it works especially when fleas haven’t laid eggs. You will go through your dog’s fur with a comb especially designed to grab fleas. You will comb your dog once a day. You can rub some oil or petroleum jelly on the comb to make sure that fleas stick with it.

  1. Vacuuming dog’s bedding and other areas

You should regularly vacuum carpets, floors and pet bedding to suck fleas and ticks into the vacuum cleaner. Although this method won’t remove fleas from your dog’s fur, it will definitely help you get rid of fleas from your home and your pet’s bedding. So the chances of getting fleas back on your dog will be really low.

  1. Use tick and flea powders

Flea and tick powders are great topical medications for your pets once they have been attacked by these pesticides. The only limitation with flea powder is that you need a lot of care while applying it. You don’t want to put the powder in your pet’s eyes.

  1. Medicated tick and flea sprays

Medicated sprays work great especially when the only option is to use a topical medication. There are numerous sprays in the market that do a great job. However, it is always a great idea to consult a vet before you choose a medication for your pet.